Monday, January 24, 2011

Sometimes our best is just the best we can do today.

After a long weekend and only the view of a longer, more exhausting week ahead... you have to give yourself a break. As women, single or married, we have a lot of responsibility. We have relationships to maintain, children to raise, elderly family members to take care of and a list of to do's that run from work to home and back again.

It is important to take our own mental temperature every now and then. Only you know when you have been stretched to your limit. Our boyfriend/husband, children and boss will continue to ask the same from us, and continue to take from our reserve of energy.

When there is nothing left from your energy reserve: you become exhausted, you become short tempered, you become ill. We need to pause and ask ourselves "what can I do today?" You know you have reached your limit if the only answer is "survive."

Rest your body and your mind. Be okay with giving a little less sometimes. What you are capable of changes from day to day. Be a superhuman tomorrow... or maybe next week. Today, when you need it most, be there for you.


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  1. I appreciate your wisdom. It reminds me of The Four Agreements; always do your best, although your best will change from day to day. Thank you!!