Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Rainy Day

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain, a dog staring at me a child laughing and a husband yelling. Chaos, which is pretty normal in my house.

I got up and made very mediocre Swedish pancakes for everyone, my first attempt (add more flour for easier flipping).

Most of the time we will be responsible and clean the house, run errands, do homework with the kid, home projects etc, but today was different. We needed an adventure of some sort. We all started getting ready to go somewhere, with no idea where we were going. 

Usually in the winter we would go to the movies, mall or just find something indoors to do. It didn't sound fun to any of us, I think we were all just tired of being cooped up inside for the winter. So we decided to go to Vashon Island for the day, I have lived in the Seattle area for half my life and have never actually stepped foot on the island, so this was sounding fun! The island is only a short drive and ferry ride away.

We had cocoa on the ferry so this was starting out well. Once there we had lunch at this funky little pizza place with an odd amount of chairs hanging from the ceiling, went antique shopping, went to a coffee roaster and just explored the island. 

It was raining, cold and the weather was just miserable, but it was a blast!  So my point to this? 
Sometimes you need to just break out of the mold, go explore in the rain, go somewhere new in the cold. Do something that you might usually reserve for a lovely summer day. It might just make your week and give you some fun family memories in the process. 

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